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#everydaycreativebattle 6/356 - The Poison of Interesting

It's been an interesting experience so far. This was going to be my title - and then I remembered something.

Interesting is a non-word when it comes to design. It’s a word people use when they don’t know what to say, when they don't want to be offensive or they don't want to even think about it. Everything can be interesting - in the same way nothing is. 

This is a great lesson back from my design eduction. One of our professors didn’t allow us to use certain phrases when we reviewed peoples work:

“I like it”

“I think it’s interesting”

There were other phrases, I’m sure, but the “interesting” one was the one most commonly used by the students. It’s a word used when you don’t have the ability to truly judge whats in front of you. I hear it all the time - I see it all the time from professionals around me. I catch myself thinking it as well: This is where I catch myself and ask the important questions - 

“What’s so interesting about it?” 

"Why do you think it's interesting?"

“Are you drawn to the shape of the object? Something else?”

“The color?”

“The experience?”

“The overall execution?”

Diving in and asking the right question can actually lead to more insight and put you in a position to learn something about the product, or service in question. Leaving it at “interesting” stops all your thinking.


This series of content is a small experiment. I pledged to create a piece of content on my site for the next 365 days. You can read the opening post here. The posts aren’t limited to thoughts or ideas, they’re really just a way for me to create original content. If you got any feedback/questions, please reach out. Thanks for looking.