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I just scheduled my 9/365 post. Only 356 more to go!

That's not the important part though - I realize that I'm just scratching the surface here with this experiment. In fact, I'm not counting this post towards my #everydaycreativebattle posts. 

This is really a realization about Time. 

The idea to do this daily experiment stems from Tim Urban and his brilliant insight to show your life in digestible units. He did it in weeks, he did it in months and in superbowls. What he was able to do was put time in a perspective we can all understand. He was able to show how little time we actually have.

What I realized today when I was scrolling through my posts - the little graphic I made (totally riffing on Tim’s work) requires an adjustment this week: I have to change one of those white squares to black. Another week has gone by. 

I think it’s really about the strength of that perspective - I can look back at that little square and see what I accomplished during the last week. Understand if it was a great use of my limited time - and make adjustments accordingly for the next week. 

So far I find my efforts haven’t been enough - not externally, not internally. It gives me some drive to push further and harder.