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The New Work

How we work is changing. It’s no longer the 9 to 5. It’s no longer long term employment. Everything is shifting thanks to the advent of new and better services. You see it everywhere - retail giants scaling down, some retailers disappearing, all automakers are being challenged by a start up and are preparing for the next phase in transportation (autonomous + services). It’s not a coincidence. The old way will make way for the new work. The new work will be more entrepreneurial, more nimble, more service based and focused on the customer. 

High value

In the creative field work will have to be high value. This doesn’t mean cheap. It means it has to be remarkable and world class. Hiring cheap will result in cheap. Hiring inexperience will result in inexperience. Those who deliver high value will always be in demand. 

Short Sprints

As the world moves faster - solutions need to be found quicker. Short sprints with specialist teams will be the new norm. Solving problems quickly, prototyping and testing will be the new norm. It will push innovation into new boundaries. Read the book if you're interested.

Fast & with results

The new work will have to be fast. Fast, quick and effective - while delivering high value. Companies and brands can no longer wait for inspiration to strike. Inspiration needs to be ever evolving. Ever looking forward - and always challenging the status quo. Quickly.

Long Term Concepts

The work may need to be fast - but, the thinking and concepts need to be long term. Playing the long game will still rule the day. Doing it fast and executing flawlessly will win in the short term. 


We’re no longer bound by geography. In fact, most forward looking companies are looking at the global landscape when hiring. What are the chances that the perfect person for the open position also lives in the area? Why spend on relocation? Why increase the overhead and make yourself slower? The new work is global, nimble, and always available. 


The new work is part of the everyday. It’s not 9 to 5. It’s based and built around passion and results. The new work requires thinking and solving problems at any time of the day - and if that feels like a chore - you’re not in the right field. 

It’s time to adapt. The creative field is already moving in this direction. Soon, others will follow. How do these changes affect your position?  Your Resume? Your presence online? It’s time to think about work in the new way.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

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