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Process vs. Progress

One can’t be the focus at the expense of the other. Guess which is which?

Process can be useful. It can be crucial. When a company scales the hiring tends to get more specialized. The team is no longer dealing with entrepreneurial types, you begin dealing with specialists. There’s a downside to this. Specialists specialize in what they do - and you want to let them do what they do best. This may mean that you let them do their thing at the expense of other commitments to the team. This is where managers come in to keep all the specialists pointed in the right direction. Checking in, course correcting when necessary. Managers have Directors and Directors have VP’s - and so on. 

In a larger organization process can help steer the ship. It can help get everyone looking in the right direction. That happens when it works, when the team is focused and has a clear goal. 

The more likely scenario is that at times, process can become the thing that you service. You no longer focus on the customer - you focus on process. In order to fix flaws, people look to fix the process. You loose sight of why you’re doing this in the first place. Process becomes more important that progress. 

In the end, progress is drastically more important than process. In the end, David beats Goliath. You might have the most wonderful and thought out process, but if it hampers the team and comes at the expense of progress - you will lose. Progress before process.

Dmitry N. Rusakov

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