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There are no rules

There’s advice all over the world. A new way to do something - a better way to execute - a proven method for success. Make no mistake - there are no rules, there are no tricks, and there are no shortcuts. 

What’s worked before will not work again, not in the same way. Yes, it’s build on top of previous ideas. It’s been mixed and modified and adapted. It’s been refined and adjusted to a personal need. But that past path of success won’t be replicated - ever.

So what’s the lesson? Why do anything without rules or guidance? There are a set amount of skills you need to move forward. A base number of required abilities. They’re not very many and they’re not very secret. Hard work. Adaptability. Self awareness. Ability to learn. Timing. Perseverance. Thats about it. The rest is just noise. And even if you have all 6 of them nailed, it might not even work then. The market is unpredictable. It will do what it will do. It doesn’t follow rules. Theres are no rules. That's how it works. That's why success is rare.

#everydaycreativebattle 147/365

This series of content is a small experiment. I pledged to create a piece of content on my site for the next 365 days. You can read the opening post here. The posts aren’t limited to thoughts or ideas, they’re really just a way for me to create original content. If you got any feedback/questions, please reach out. Thanks for looking. 
Dmitry N. Rusakov