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If you haven’t seen the SpaceX mars colonization plan that was unveiled today, please go find it. It would be amazing to look back on this day 10-20 years from now and see what came of this plan. It’s ambitious to say the least, sure. It’s ambitious the the point where the richest and most powerful nations aren’t attempting anything to this level. On one level that alone is impressive - on the other - you begin to question if SpaceX can pull it off. 

But, what’s really cool is that even though Mars is the overall driving force behind Musk and SpaceX, it didn’t stop there during his presentation. The thinking is always big and then bigger. It’s not - “Hey lets try to get people to Mars and we’ll be happy”. No. It’s about colonizing Mars, then terraforming Mars, then using it as an outpost to visit the rest of the solar system. He stopped short of going interstellar, but the thinking presented in that 1 hour segment was mind blowing. What’s more impressive is that they’re actually attempting to do it. 

The lesson (the very meek lesson) I can take away here is to look beyond the ultimate goal, to look past even your greatest dream and continue to think big. I’m personally glad to have people like Elon Musk attempting remarkable things out there in the world - where it’s not personal gain for the sake of personal gain. It’s personal gain for bigger ideas that help humanity (despite likely most people in the world thinking it’s ludicrous). Y

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