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Adjust as needed

Creating new things is difficult. It takes energy and effort to make something unique and remarkable. If you have a clear vision, it helps. It helps because you know where you’re going, where your team is heading. It helps to make the difficult decisions along the way. And there are a lot of difficult decision to make when making anything significant. 

Things will change. Not everything can be planned for. You need to have the freedom and the ability to adjust to the situation. To adapt. To shift. To course correct. All of that is easier if you understand the end goal. All of that is possible when there’s a vision. 

Without vision, adjustments lead to a completely new path and a completely different result. And sure, sometimes that result may actually end up being something new - but, it’s unlikely that it will be something remarkable. 

#everydaycreativebattle 190/365

This series of content is a small experiment. I pledged to create a piece of content on my site for the next 365 days. You can read the opening post here. The posts aren’t limited to thoughts or ideas, they’re really just a way for me to create original content. If you got any feedback/questions, please reach out. Thanks for looking. 
Dmitry N. Rusakov